Something More
Than Just a House

Lead a Neighbourly Life Forget about the disconnected nature of relations in over-crowded site life and enjoy the friendship of your neighbours in Tuscany Orizzonte.

It won't take long for you to realize that by choosing a life in Tuscany you not only will live in a villa but also enjoy a new life style. Expect to spend pleasant hours with your family members and neighbours in village coffee houses, village convenience stores, vineyards, olive groves, indoor sport center, Dolce Vita Sport And Wellbeing Club. Live here and you will feel the joy of life

The Meeting Point: Village Square

  • Village Coffee Shop

    Tuscany Orizzonte introduces the culture of square not only to enable families to interact freely but also to bring back the long lost notion of neighborly relations.

  • Village Convenience Store

    Village convenience store is an excellent location not only to buy your daily groceries from among a selection of organic products but also share with your neighbours your home-grown products.

  • Village Bakery

    It is great to have a freshly baked bread from the village bakery for a genuine breakfast experience.

  • Village Library

    We will establish and decorate a library within the village coffee shop not only for adults but also for children

Unmatched privileges

  • Vineyards

    Expect to experience the pleasure of tasting our home-grown grapes during the vine-harvest festival by living in Tuscany Orizzonte which features vineyards -- the symbol of abundance.

  • Olive Grove

    Make a room at your Tuscany Orizzonte breakfast table for the home-grown olives -- the symbol of peace and wealth.

  • Indoor Sport Center

    Indoor Sport Center which features a basketball court is the best place for you to enjoy the company of your friends while playing basketball to become fit and healthy.

  • Picnic & Barbecue Areas

    Another feature designed for the residents at Tuscany Orizzonte is the picnic area where you will enjoy doing your own barbecue. Be prepared to get the most out of your weekends during the spring and summer when you will join your friends for a barbecue party or a picnic.

Dolce Vita Sport And Wellbeing Club

  • Dolce Vita will open the doors for you to a healthy life not only with its custom design that fits well to your physical needs but also with its high-tech features, its ambiance and dynamism.

    Enjoy the high-standard green ground, cafe-bar and social activities with a sea and lake view of Dolce Vita - the biggest sport and wellbeing club in İstanbul - with its 5400 square meter indoor and 10500 square meter outdoor space features

    And here is a positive discrimination for children: Dolce Vita features a "Kids Gym" too, a first in Turkey.

    • Each square meter of it is full of sports and Spa energy,
    • It features sport areas with the latest technology,
    • Semi-Olympic Indoor Swimming Pool
    • Outdoor Swimming Pool,
    • Squash Center,
    • Pedal Courts,
    • Private Studio Lessons,
    • Spa and Beauty Center,
    • Turkish Bath,
    • Sauna Centers,
    • Massage Rooms,
    • Jogging Tracks,
    • Tennis Court,
    • Basketball and Volleyball Courts,

Landscape Design of the Common Areas are Ready

  • In Tuscany Orizzonte you will not wait for years for a landscape design to get mature, it will be ready for you enjoy when you move in.

    Entrance of the site which features natural tones of its stone material will welcome you to the world of Tuscany where you will not waste a second to enjoy the privileged life that is being offered.

    Our distinctive project features a total of 40 types of plant - some of the them imported from Italy's Tuscany - such as cypress, Tuscany palm tree, nut pine and olive trees.

    Park Verde, located in the Tuscany Valley, mixes well with nature with its 2 km long jogging and running tracks that feature terraces with a lake view and common areas. Cycling tracks are one of the main features of the main roads and huge part within the valley with addition of jogging tracks spread across the passage ways.

Florentia Village Luxury Designer Outlet

  • Dünyanın önde gelen gayrimenkul geliştirme şirketlerinden biri olan Emaar Properties PJSC’nin ülke iştiraki olan Emaar Türkiye, Toskana Vadisi projesinin hemen yanı başında, Türkiye’nin ilk ve kapsamlı Designer Outlet’ini inşa ediyor. Florentia Village Luxury Designer Outlet’te, lüks markaların en yüksek kaliteye sahip ürünleri ve tasarımlarını ziyaretçileri ile buluşturacak.

    Toskana Vadisi’nin tam ortasında 203.000 m² bir alan üzerinde yer alan ve 45.000 m² toplam kiralanabilir alana sahip olan Florentia Village Luxury Designer Outlet’te, hepsi birbirinden ünlü ve lüks 150’den fazla mağaza bulunacak.

Established Site Management

  • Our established site management team will mean that you can enjoy a problem-less life.

    Enjoy the convenience of some of the site features such as common area landscaping services, power generator for the common areas, operating system established for technical services and existing site management. The existence of a 24/7 ambulance service will make you feel safe.

Tuscany Market

  • Tuscany Market within the Tuscany Valley will offer an unmatched shopping experience to the residents of Tuscany with its contemporary life features. Tuscany Market will be one of the central features of a privileged life in offer with its restaurants, cafes, elite stores and natural areas in an area of 3700 square meter that can be rented, 16 stores and a car park with a 100 car capacity.

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