Tuscany Orizzonte located in a nature friendly environment within the Büyükçekmece Lake Valley features many location related advantages.


Tuscany Orizzonte is featuring many location related advantages. It is close not only to E-5 and TEM highways but also Atatürk Airport and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge (Third bridge). It is only 2.5 minutes drive to the HADIMKÖY exit of the North Marmara Link Road towards the Third Airport which is being built. It is also very close to "CHANNEL İSTANBUL" which is described as the biggest project of the 21st century.

We are located in the Büyükçekmece Lake Valley which has become an attraction point for the most orderly development of villa concept within the earshot distance to İstanbul.

Tuscany Orizzonte offers you the fascinating view of the lake and the sea on a single 1068 decare parcel land.

We invite you not to waste time to join us in Tuscany Orizzonte for a flawless and safe life where you will enjoy its well-thought features of a daily life.

  • Private Educational Institutions in the Area
    • MEF International Schools
    • Işık Schools
    • Kültür 2000 College
    • Bahçeşehir College
    • Bilfen Educational Institutions
    • Okyanus College
    • Yıldızlar College
    • Alkev Educational Institutions
    • Private MEV Schools
    • İstanbul International Community School
    • Beykent University
    • Arel University
  • Healtcare Institutions in the Area

    • Acıbadem Hospital
    • Özel Kolan Hospital
    • Özel Medicana Hospital
    • Özel TEM Hospital
    • Bahçeşehir Alman Hospital
    • LİV Hospital
  • Shopping Centers in the Area
    • Toskana Çarşısı
    • Akbatı AVM
    • Mall of İstanbul
    • Marmara Park AVM
    • Perlavista AVM
    • Prestige Mall
    • Torium AVM
    • Beylikdüzü 5M Migros / AVM
    • Beylicium AVM
    • Atirus AVM
    • Real
    • Metro
    • Koçtaş
    • Bauhaus
    • Design Outlet
  • Leading Centers in the Area

    • Sancaklar Mosque
    • Gülman Riding and Sport Club
    • K9 Horse Club

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