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TUSCANY ORRIZZONTE is the most beautiful gift life has ever given to you

Large or small, multi-storey or low-rise... Everybody has a dream house. We as the human beings should be able to give direction to our lives. Yet, some of us deserve something "more than just a house"...

Tuscany Orizzonte helps you to get a life that is, perhaps, beyond your expectations by providing you with a variety of privileges in its single storey villa setting.


  • Single Storey Villa

    Tuscany Orizzonte has been designed according to the concept of Horizontal Life in a Single Storey" that is most fitting for the human physiology.

    Imagine for a while a house where you do not need to climb or walk down stairs to move from your room to the garden, or from the lounge to the kitchen. In our single storey villa life your dream will come through. Forget about the separated lives you have been leading in a multi-storey house and enjoy the warmth of company with family members.

    Explore freely each square centimeter of your single-storey villa which doesn't have unused areas such as the staircase or any air gap.

    Single storey villa offers you the prospect of a safe life where you do not have to worry about earthquakes.

    Stop sharing your view of the sky with a stranger

  • Detached, Large Gardens

    Enjoy your independence within your "Own Kingdom" where your home and garden are fully detached from the rest of the units. Sleepless nights are now a thing of the past as you no longer have to worry about noisy neighbours.

    Your single-storey villa is designed to ensure that all living spaces are directly connected with the garden where you will enjoy a unique outdoor experience. It is up to you how to use your garden: enjoy a barbecue with your friends... create a playing area for your children or enjoy your swimming pool you can design according to your own taste... This is your life!

  • 5 meter Ceiling Height

    The ceilings of the villas in Tuscany Orizzonte are high enough to give you a sense of happiness and spaciousness with a nostalgic touch which brings the sense about old houses back to life. It doesn't matter which villa you choose, you will be enjoying not only a horizontal comfort but also a vertical one, as the villas come with a ceiling height of five meters.

  • Interior Garden

    The long forgotten Mediterranean and Anatolian concept of 'courtyard' comes back to life with a modern architectural interpretation. Interior gardens in Tuscany Orizzonte come with a variety of sizes ranging from 20 square meters to 40 square meters.

    We are offering you not only a comfort zone but also a private living space through interior gardens fully integrated into your domestic spaces, allowing you to freely enjoy fresh air and sunlight. That is why Tuscany Orizzonte is unique because it brings together the concepts of courtyards and single storey villas.

  • South Facing Villas

    South facing villas allow you to enjoy the sun light not only during summer months but also through other seasons, bringing light and a sense of well-being into your house during the changing hours of the day.

  • Lake and the Sea

    Nearly 65% of the villas in Tuscany Orizzonte located in the Büyükçekmece Lake Valley have a lake and sea view. Sloping terrain and single storey villas make sure that you enjoy a magnificent lake and sea view and the fresh, crisp air of a mild climate.

    We designed the common use areas in such fashion that they won't interfere with your lake and sea view allowing you to spend quality time with your friends and family.

We Are Redefining The Word "COMFORT"

  • Spacious Lounges

    Spacious and large lounge are one of those privileges Tuscany Orizzonte residents enjoy. Five meter high ceilings and a crackling fire in the fireplace on cold winter nights provide a cozy and convivial atmosphere.

  • The Art of Kitchen

    Kitchens with a size of up to 50 square meters allow you to turn your kitchen into a spacious living space. Bring out the artist within you while cooking in your Tuscany Orizzonte kitchen with design features that allow direct access to not only the lounge but also to the garden, and also enjoy your family meal.

  • Pleasant Terraces

    Toscana offers large and spacious terraces as well as large gardens that allow you to build your own private living space. You will want to have more of the dinners you enjoy with your friends in these wide terraces.

  • Rooms with Custom Bathroom

    Spoil yourself with the Tuscany Orizzonte room design that integrates the comfort of a custom bathroom into your bedroom.

  • Top to Bottom Windows in Every Room and a Garden View

    Each room in your villa features a top to bottom window arrangement. They are there to make you happier while energizing you with the all day long day light.

    Top to bottom windows will mean that you will have a pleasant view of your garden too.

  • Separate Living and Resting Areas

    Your villa is designed to give you a peace of mind with its design layout that separates the living areas from the rest areas. This architectural approach is here for you to make sure that each member of your family can simultaneously. enjoy a variety of activities in the house.

  • Car Park? No problem!

    Tuscany Orizzonte villas feature two types of parking areas specially designed for you: indoor and outdoor. We will help you to feel comfortable 24 hours a day by making sure that your vehicle is parked to safety.

Pleasant Hours in Large Gardens

  • A New Morning and a New Evening

    Go to sleep with a peace of mind and wake up to a day in your villa feeling vibrant and happy with its green landscape.

  • Health Springing From The Soil

    Grow your own organic fruits and vegetables and live a healthy life in the gardens of your single storey villas, ranging in size from 1250 to 3500 square meters.

  • Count the Stars, Notice the Clouds in the Sky

    Tuscany Orizzonte's secluded location away from high rise buildings and closeness to the Lake Valley will allow you to get a full, unobstructed view of starry nights and enjoy the sight of clouds gliding through the morning sky.

  • Birds Will Sing and Migrate Before Your Eyes

    Witness the adventure of the migrating birds and enjoy their songs in your garden as your villa is located around the Büyükçekmece Lake hosting a variety of migrating birds.

  • Design Your Garden For Your Children to Play

    Open the doors for your children to a life within the nature and build for them not only game areas but also tree houses to help them improve their dream world.

  • Four Seasons in Tuscany

    Tuscany Orizzonte enables you to enjoy all of the four seasons: a green spring, a flowery summer, a yellow autumn and a white winter.

  • Time to Invite Your Friends for a Garden Party

    Turn your garden dinners into a feast and invite your neighbours, family members and friends for a barbecue party.

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